Airhart is well versed in all areas of HVAC! We repair and/or replace most types of systems including: Heat pumps, straight cool, package units, and mini split systems. We are proficient in gas, electric, and oil systems. We repair and/or replace ductwork as well.

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Airhart offers many plumbing services including: Repair/ replacement of water heaters, Repair/replacement of toilets, faucets, shower heads, hose bibs, pressure reducing valves, drains. Replacement/ installation of sinks, water lines

Maintenance Programs

We offer a maintenance special that runs from 3/1-5/1 and 10/1-12/1. What sets us apart is our maintenance includes a full cleaning of your unit, along with a visual inspection. The cleaning includes the indoor unit, outdoor unit, and coil (if coil is very dirty there may be an extra fee).
HVAC Inspection & Repair in Johnson City


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For optimum efficiency we recommend cleaning and servicing your HVAC system twice yearly, in the Spring and the Fall.

We recommend checking your air filter once a month. Dirty air filters put stress on your HVAC system that may lead to operational issues. It’s a good practice to replace your air filter every three months, but most find they need to change it more often due to dust, dirt, and pet hair.

It most efficient to find a temperature that is comfortable for your household and maintain that set temperature, offsetting the temperature by only a degree or two.

Less is more!!!! Over time food items may restrict your pipes, causing a headache for you and your plumber.

Average life expectancy of HVAC system is 20-25 years. Average life expectancy of water heater is 12-15 years. Life expectancy can fluctuate drastically based on proper maintenance. Neglected units do not last nearly as long.